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Record Keeping

Do your receipts fade? Struggling to keep up with physical record filing?

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Free storage on the Cloud!

Want free data storage?

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Thinking of Employing Staff for the first time?

Same time on paperwork!

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Xero Quick Tips

Need help with Xero? Browse their Xero Tips webpage to get some general tips and to help you navigate your way through the accounting software. Check it out at

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GST basis - Payments basis or Invoice basis?

Are you new to GST? Do you need help to decide which GST calculation basis to use?

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Renting to Tenants - What you need to know

Income earned from rent is taxable and you can claim deductions for costs related to earning that income. Different tax rules apply depending on the circumstances. For tax purposes, renting to tenants is different from short-stay accommodation or that…

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