Budgeting and Financial Literacy

Budgeting and Financial Literacy


Do you feel like you are flying blind with your business? Do you need help with setting your budgets for the next year? With the new financial year just around the corner, now is a good time to set in place your goals and budgets for the 2021 year.

Your REAL CA client manager can show you how to create your own budget in Xero and create reports showing actual vs budget, or we can complete your budgets for you and send you 2-monthly (in line with your GST) or quarterly reports.

Having a budget in place gives you the knowledge and insight to eradicate wasteful spending and increase your profit. A budget will show what your sales need to be to cover your expenses, help you plan for investments in Plant and Equipment, and enable you to make business decisions such as can you afford a new staff member, etc.

If you find that your sales are below your budgeted revenue, you can adjust your spending so you don’t end up in a pickle further down the line.

Please reach out to us if you would like assistance in creating a budget.

Financial literacy

Do you find yourself looking at your Profit and Loss Reports but not really understanding what they mean? Would you like to be able to utilise more of Xero’s reporting functionality? Would you like to start using Xero yourself rather than having us do it for you?

In addition to meeting to discuss your accounts, we also offer one on one training to get you up to speed on any aspects of accounting needs you require. We can teach you how to use Hubdoc for your record keeping, how to send invoices from Xero, how to read the reports financial reports etc.

Please reach out to us to discuss your needs.