New Tax Rules for Landlords Workshop

New Tax Rules for Landlords Workshop

Presented by Graeme Carruthers, tax advisor & director of NSA Tax, our "New Tax Rules for Landlords" workshop was well-worthwhile according to the 40+ people attending this event.

Focusing largely on the new ring-fencing of rent losses, Graeme's 90min presentation also covered understanding bright-line property rules, holiday homes & mixed use asset rules and clarifying allowable deductions. With plenty of excellent real-life examples to demonstrate each point covered in his inimitable entertaining style, Graeme's workshop was both informative and thought-provoking.

"It was a really good presentation," agreed one attendee. "He gave me lots to think about, especially around the mixed use asset rules."

"I found it all very interesting," said another. "We have an LTC and have been looking at transferring assets which would have been caught out by the bright-line rules so it's given us a lot to consider."

Overall, Graeme highlighted the importance of looking into these rules before selling any property to be clear on the tax implications and potential extra costs as this may effect how and when you do sell. He also gave some great advice on dealing with leaky buildings or general repairs & maintenance to ensure you don't get hit with an unexpected tax bill.

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