Marketing Workshop All About Results

Marketing Workshop All About Results

Stepping us through how to formulate and implement an online content strategy, Chantelle particularly emphasised the need to monitor and measure the results of everything you do so that you can either change or stop doing an activity if it is not generating traffic or engagement.

Covering everything from Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) through to coordinating your communications activities across multiple social media platforms, Chantelle gave us a lot of tips and tricks to make this job easier and impressed on us all the need to do this work regularly in order to stay visible.

We were all very surprised with the changes to the Google Profile platform which has been upgraded and rebranded to become Google My Business. According to Chantelle she is seeing results of upwards of a 50% increase in traffic to clients websites as well as increased enquiry online and by email.

Her advice to everyone attending was to keep our Google My Business profile pages updated with plenty of high quality SEO rich content plus use the POST function at least every week to improve your ranking on Google Maps and searches. She had noted that while most businesses attending our workshop do currently have Google My Business pages, none have any content uploaded (ie. Business Descriptions or Services) and none have made any posts to their pages.

Throughout the workshop we were encouraged to detail our own online content strategies on the handout page we were given which gave clear checklists to work through to make this as easy as possible. As Chantelle said, we are all small business owners so it is important that the marketing we do is easy to maintain and doesn't take up too much of our time for keeping up with all the other roles we are managing as well.

For a copy of the Marketing Workshop presentation and handout, please email us here.